Land & Sea   Photos

      Viewing Ocean Under a Tree

Art Prints

Just an enjoyable view of the ocean enjoyed while sitting under a tree… 🙂

      Sailing Through The Warmth

Art Prints

With the deep orange clouds, they sailed off… 🙂

      Waves Versus Waves

Art Prints

I captured two different sets of wave going in opposite directions during sunset… 🙂

      Clouds Fearing Above

Photography Prints

This large one figure seemed scared from above…


Art Prints

A warm sky and sea after sunset…

      Palm and Blue Sky


An upward view of the curvature of this palm tree… 🙂

      Warm Sky Warm Water

      Kona Inn Night View

      The Ovation of the Sea

      Sunset Blocked by Rain

      Water and Rock

      Torch Light Parade

      Hot Rainbow

      Watching the Flow

      Green to Blue

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