Photography:  The art or process of producing images on a sensitized surface (as a film by the action of radiant energy and especially light).

     I try to capture reality (frozen time). The reality I concentrate on the most is Nature (while we still have it).   Almost all of the time I shoot in Manual mode, I find camera light meters can’t always get it right to my eyes. I also like knowing that I took the photo not the cameras computer chip.

Some History

     Before my step into Digital Cameras, I used a Canon EOS Elan II and Elan IIe 35mm film cameras (I thought the Elan IIe eye control focus was garbage, it just didn’t like my eye). I had two cameras so I could have two different film speeds on demand. One was always iso 100 or lower the other was usually iso 800 or 400. I also use to have two Minolta X-700’s 35mm film cameras.

One of my old X-700’s
one of my old X-700's

    Before that I went through Point and Shoot trial, trying a number of 35mm Point & Shoot cameras. I even drove around the entire country taking snap shots with a Point and Shoot Kodak camera (wish I had a DSLR then). I have also had video cameras to video tape weddings for a living but it didn’t satisfy this photographer. Prior to video I use the Pentax line and had a Pentax ESII, back then it seemed so modern with its screw in lenses. Prior to that I had a number of different cameras, my very first camera (that comes to mind) was a Rolliflex Twin Lens Reflex. I remember how I thought it was wild how you had to look down into it.
    I now have a Sony A6500 & A6000 which I love the sensor quality. I gave my Canon 60D and my Canon 40D to my friends and I hardly use my Panasonic DMC-ZS40 for those times I didn’t want to lug the big camera because my Sony’s are so small. Back when I first got my 40D I did a high ISO wide open Aperture test between my 5D and 40D — click to see and was very happy with my 40D. For its price it was equal if not better (in some areas) then my 5D. All the photos I have posted here are taken by me, with a digital camera. This made sharing photos so much easier because it took the developing, scanning and corrections work out of it. So I don’t miss film any more!

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