Land & Sea   Photos

      After Sunset at Honl’s

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It was a colorful evening at the ocean at Honl’s Beach Park on the Big Island of Hawaii… 🙂

      Sunset in Stereo

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With the sun reflecting from the water it looked like a sunset in stereo… 🙂

      Viewing Ocean Under a Tree

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Just an enjoyable view of the ocean enjoyed while sitting under a tree… 🙂

      Sailing Through The Warmth

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With the deep orange clouds, they sailed off… 🙂

      Waves Versus Waves

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I captured two different sets of wave going in opposite directions during sunset… 🙂

      Clouds Fearing Above

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This large one figure seemed scared from above…


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A warm sky and sea after sunset…

      Palm and Blue Sky


An upward view of the curvature of this palm tree… 🙂

      Warm Sky Warm Water

      Kona Inn Night View

      The Ovation of the Sea

      Sunset Blocked by Rain

      Water and Rock

      Torch Light Parade

      Hot Rainbow

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