Swirling Goodness

This photo was created for the topic of abstract. 🙂

Technical Details
for Swirling Goodness

Camera – Canon EOS 5D
Film / Media – SanDisk Ultra II 512MB
Lens – Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6
Shooting Mode – Manual
Tv( Shutter Speed ) – 2.5 sec
Av( Aperture Value ) – F/16
Metering Mode – Spot
ISO Speed – 100
Focal Length – 300mm
Flash – Off
White Balance – Shade
AF Mode – Manual
Color Space – sRGB
Camera set to Jpeg only
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     The tricks to getting this photo was using a B+W 1.8 ND (Neutral Density) filter on a 75-300mm zoom set at 300mm f/16, a tripod that allowed left to right movement and a tree with fall colors. The filter cut 6 stops of light and the small aperture setting on the lens gave me a longer exposure. With the camera mounted on the tripod, I started the exposure while moving the camera and paused movement for approx .5 seconds. This gave the motion blur but kept some of the tree shape. Then with a little software auto contrast the colors were made even more saturated looking.


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